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Styling by rethink home interiors Photo by Ashlee Hall

Do you remember as a kid for Christmas or Hannukah, getting super excited to get that one “it” gift.  For me it was the Barbie Beauty Salon.  I thought that I had been so outrageously good that year that Santa of course would see the wisdom in giving me the one tool that could take my Barbie hair styling to the next level.  He did.  And Barbie’s hair was never the same again

Well, I am feeling that same kind of excitement now as I unwrap our newest addition to the Rethink Home Interiors team!  My Realtor friends out there, I know you are going absolutely love this for your sellers.  And, I am pretty sure that my kids are just hoping that I stop talking about it.

It is our new–Rethink Home Interiors exclusive–Staging Evaluation App!

We have been working like crazy to create a tool that we could use to be more proactive during our Staging Evaluations with our clients (if you want to learn a bit more about our Staging Evaluations, you can go here.)

We found that we were taking in all kinds of information during an appointment and doing a great job of building a paint-by-numbers Staging Success Plan for our clients.  But, my entire team and I felt that we could be more effective if we had a guide as we walked through each house to make sure that we didn’t miss a single detail.

We wanted it to be something that we could easily turn into an elegant, actionable plan for our clients.  We didn’t want our clients to have to read our handwriting (neat as it is ; ) and we wanted a way to share all of our findings with both sellers and their Realtors while retaining a copy for ourselves so that everyone was on the same page.  And lastly, we wanted to leverage technology so that our clients wouldn’t have to wait for us to transform our handwritten notes into a pretty checklist.

We couldn’t find a tool that met all of these requirement in our industry so we went ahead and created it.  And, wow!--it takes our Staging Evaluation to a whole new level.

We now use our ipads to gather and document our entire appointment and send both our Realtor and seller a beautiful, customized action list immediately following the appointment with plenty of notes and information to make the staging process super easy.  Of course we always love to come back and style on photo day to make sure that every bed is made immaculately and that every shot will be perfect.  Photo Styling , which is part of our Gold Package, is the service where our OCD REALLY kicks in!

So, back to the app–we actually trained on it at my house.  What an eye opener!  I have so much to do if I ever wanted to get my house ready to sell.  And it was so interesting/crazy being on the client side of the interaction.  It gave our team a new appreciation for how we can lovingly give our clients the news that they have to pack up the entire contents of their dining room china cabinet or remove those drapes.  It also gave me a new appreciation for what I call–and even teach about–house blindness.  I think that I’ll save that side of  the experience for a future post because it was so fascinating to me!

But for now, I just want you to know that we are always improving as we keep our clients in mind so that we can give them the best possible experience as they get ready to list their properties.  If you want a sneak peek at what we have created, please feel free to email me at  And, of course, feel free to share this post with your circles if you feel it can serve them.


  1. YOU are bloody brilliant!! What an amazing streamlined process for your clients!! This will surely help eliminate even a touch of the overwhelm that comes for prepping and putting a house on the market… Lori you and your team ARE ROCKSTARS!

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