4 Ways To Stage A Mantle and 1 Way Not To

Focal points are HUGE when staging a room!  When you think about your online listing, you have to go BIG when it comes to accessorizing your focal points because big is what jumps off the page in those itty bitty online listing photos.

One of the best focal points in many rooms–and easiest to identify–is the mantle so it is ripe with staging opportunity.  Seriously, who doesn’t love a fireplace and what Realtor isn’t going to sell the heck out of a fireplace in their listing?  And, with that, comes photos of fireplaces so let’s not tchotcke it up with all kinds of tiny and insubstantial accessories. Here are 4 great tips to keep in mind when staging your mantle and one way that’s not so hot:

Use Large Scale Art or Mirrors

Living Room

photo courtesy of A New Found Treasure

This fireplace is painted the same color as the walls which could make it become lost if not accessorized properly for staging.  But what draws your attention is that colorful large scale art and the beautiful brass fireplace screen.  For staging, I would probably remove the little ottoman in front of the fireplace but other than that, this is a fabulous example of a well-staged focal point.

Use Symmetry

Via LonnyMag

Symmetry is very comforting to people, but more importantly, it photographs beautifully.  Also, notice the scale of the accessories and the mirror over the mantle, they are all substantial feeling in shape and size.

Use Bold Accessories

One thing that makes me cringe is seeing skinny candlesticks on a mantle.  Unless massed in a cluster, they just don’t hold enough visual weight when staging.  Even in a small photograph, these accessories are hefty enough in size and color to draw your attention to the fireplace along with the large scale art.

Follow The Rule Of Three


Odd numbers in general are more effective in decorating and the mantle is no exception.  Using the Rule of Three, you can see in this photo that they used accessories in odd numbers but also at odd heights:  high, medium and low heights.  You can also see the use of scale and color.  Visually, all of the accessories hold a bit of weight which draws your attention.

Ok, so all that said, it’s over to you my dears, what would you do to stage this fireplace that I found on the MLS?

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