3 Trends For 2015 To Stage Your House To Sell Fast

I have to admit,  I love all of the design trend predictions that happen at this time of year.  Not all are great for staging but some are so I wanted to highlight my favorites so that you can get a jump start on styling your house to sell super fast or making it a […]

4 Ways To Stage A Mantle and 1 Way Not To

Focal points are HUGE when staging a room!  When you think about your online listing, you have to go BIG when it comes to accessorizing your focal points because big is what jumps off the page in those itty bitty online listing photos. One of the best focal points in many rooms–and easiest to identify–is […]

Save Money with These Pro Staging Tips

I’m not sure if I told you yet, but a HUGE thing for me is how to stage a house on a budget.  Staging can be an investment, but I get a sense from my clients that they or their friends and family watch HGTV–which I love, by the way!–and have a reality tv image of staging and stagers […]

Home Staging Accessories: Nate Berkus for Target

I love finding super cool stuff at a reasonable price for my staging business so I practically live in Target, Home Goods and Lowe’s.  One of my biggest sources of design inspiration when I hit these places is Nate Berkus.  I seriously love his designs and was so excited to hear that he has a new line […]

I Need Flipping Help!

To all my favorite flippers out there, Thanks to my friend Lynn, rehabber extraordinaire, and Walt at Home Depot, I was inspired to create a designer kitchen for a flipper’s budget.  Click on the picture and scroll down to find out how to create an awesome, designer looking kitchen out of Home Depot. xo, lori

How to Stage a House 101: Declutter for Quick Sale

“Do I really have to take down Great Aunt Mildred’s portrait?”  Um…yes…  Actually, I get asked about this–well, not exactly this–all the time.  That said, when it comes to how to stage a house, it is the most important staging question I have to answer.  So, what exactly is decluttering and depersonalizing and how far should […]

How to Stage a House 101: Sell Your Property Faster With These 5 Important Steps

A Property Restylist, or Home Stager, can often make simple changes to your property that lead to dramatic results—a faster sale for the most money possible.  As a Real Estate Stager, I have learned that there are five things that you absolutely must do to stage your house to get it in its most marketable […]

How to Stage a House 101: Staging for the Fall Real Estate Market

If you want to sell your house strategically this fall, I hope that you are already asking yourself about what sells a house fast in the fall market!  If you are, that is awesome and you totally rock!   If you’re not, I am glad that this post peaked your interest and hope that you will […]

How to Stage a House 101: Strategy Matters More Than Ever in Real Estate Marketing

Think about this Seth Godin quote…”When everyone is playing the same game, your execution is critical.”  Never has this been truer in the real estate market.  The real estate websites all offer the same framework to showcase your house compared to others.  What are you and your Realtor doing to make your house, your listing, […]