Real Estate Investor Design Plan

I am so excited to be offering this service to Real Estate Investors that rehab and flip their properties!  If you already know that you want to flip with confidence, then book your initial call here!

As an investor, you are probably incredibly skilled at brokering your deal, managing your subs, and setting budgets and timelines. What you may not be so expert in is what today’s buyers want in a house–what paint colors are the new neutrals, what style kitchen cabinet or countertop is most desirable.  That’s ok!  These trends change constantly and I am on top of all of it!

I can help you significantly reduce your carrying costs by selecting all of your finishes for you quickly and with today’s buyers in mind.

Here is what one investor recently said after I chose paint for the entire flip and all of the finishes for his kitchen and 2 bathrooms in an afternoon:

I am completely satisfied with your service.  You are a true professional.  You are extremely kind and considerate.  It’s quite refreshing.  In addition, I liked that you spoke to my general contractor for ideas and to make sure that you are on the same page.  You take the guesswork out of the equation while saving us time.  I would definitely recommend you to my friends and colleagues.    –Mitch C.

The cool thing is, you get all of my expert advice for less than the price of a new table saw!!

Just $375 gets you flipping with the confidence that you are choosing what buyers want today

I’d love to help you on your next flip so if you think we are right for each other, let me know!  My availability changes daily and at times I have a waiting list– I’m so popular, aren’t I! : )  I would hate to miss out on the chance to help you flip with confidence so claim your spot on my calendar now for an initial call.