Not getting offers and feeling frustrated?

Let’s get you unstuck.  Now!

Your house has been on the market for longer than you thought and the early traffic you had is gone. Maybe you had to move out already leaving the house empty which is a constant strain on you. Or maybe you are an investor who just created an amazing house out of a total disaster and you really want to move on to your next rehab but you feel like you need to sell this flip first. You are completely confused about the lack of offers and you have no idea how to turn it around.

Who you are

You are a frustrated home seller, real estate investor or Realtor who has had your house on the market for way longer than you expected.  You feel stuck because you either have very few showings scheduled or the feedback that is coming out of your showings feels like things that you can’t change.  You just want to stop spinning your wheels and reducing your price.  Your biggest need right now is to know if there is anything you can do to change the way that the house looks so that a buyer will put in an offer.  You need to increase your chances of an offer coming in, and that means that you need to take a new approach so that your house connects with more of the right buyers, now.

What your challenges tend to be

You thought your house would sell quicker than this and cannot believe that you haven’t gotten the right offer, even with price reductions.  You know that the house isn’t perfect, but you thought buyers would see the value in it, but they aren’t.  You so badly want to sell and move on with your life, but find yourself stuck.  You don’t feel like you should even be looking for your next house until you sell this one.  Your biggest fear is that you will have to keep putting money into a house that you don’t want to be in or worse that you aren’t even living in.  You are probably getting advice from family and friends about what to do but aren’t sure if any of it is even right.  Should you repaint or add granite?  You have no idea.  You don’t know what you don’t know.  All of this just makes you wish that someone would just tell you what to do.  At least that way, you could feel more confident that you have done everything you can possibly do to give yourself the best chance of selling quickly.

What you need right now

You need a new approach because what you have been doing isn’t working.  You desperately need buyers to fall in love with your house from the second they see it online.  Your primary focus needs to be on becoming crystal clear about how your house is presenting to buyers right now and taking serious action to make the changes that will connect with more buyers who see your listing on the real estate sites and, ultimately, generate a fast offer for you.  It’s time to create a paint-by-numbers plan that helps you focus only on doing those things that will bring a return on your investment of time, energy, effort and money.   You don’t need to waste your time doing projects that aren’t going to make or break your sale.  You will leave behind overwhelm, see greater results and feel so much more confident that your house is going to sell.  Fast.

Our services are designed to give you proven, step-by-step solutions to get your house sold finally.  We have done it for many clients and can do it for you too.  

Ready to get results?

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