Cozy Winter Bedroom Guide

I officially broke out our flannel sheets this month and let me tell you, it is divine!  My sister says that I am one nap away from being a narcoleptic and these flannel sheets just might throw me over the edge to being a full-on, napaholic!

I know that not everyone across the country gets to experience the joys of an arctic climate in winter, but there is something about adding a little coziness to your house during these winter months.  And, since I may spend more time sleeping than most : ), I thought I would share some gorgeous products and moodboards to help you to create a cocoon in your room no matter where you live.

First, let’s start with styling a beautiful bed…ok, so this will be if you are getting ready to sell and you need a photo-worthy bedroom in every room.

Or, for the guest room and when you are having company that have never seen your house before…and you are going to give them a tour…and you want them to be dripping with jealousy about how neat you keep your house!

How To Perfectly Style A Bed


design: rethink home interiors photo: ashlee hall

Mural  •  Wall Color  •  Ceiling Color   •  Doors

At RHI we never style a bed without cuffing or turning down the comforter in someway.  Above, it is just a small cuff and below, because we had a decorative quilt underneath the comforter, we rolled that baby waaaayyyyy down.  This adds a little dimension and interest.

styling:  rethink home interiors  photo: ashlee hall


Next is covering the boxspring. There are a couple of ways to go here.  You can go with a bedskirt or a boxspring cover.

When we are styling, we typically are only using headboards so we are working with the very functional but not very beautiful metal frames like this one.  So, we always use a bedskirt.  I prefer to use linen because I’m just a linen kind of girl.  I love these bedskirts from West Elm and these ones from Pottery Barn.Image result for metal bed frame

Or, if you have a bed that has a headboard, footboard and siderails, you will need a boxspring cover.  One of my pet peeves is seeing a poor boxspring naked and exposed for all the world to see so if you are doing, that, we are going to put a stop to that right now!

design: rethink home interiors photo: ashlee hall

Bedside Table  •  Area Rug •  Copper Sconces

You can go two ways to cover your boxspring.  The budget solution is getting an extra fitted sheet to place over the boxspring–genius!  Or, if you want a more luxurious look, again, I love a good linen boxspring cover and really only ever use this one from Restoration Hardware.  It is great quality and comes in tons of colors.

Ok, now onto pillows!  At RHI, we like the pillows to have a little pep in their step, especially if they are going to get photographed.   Propping them up creates a great focal point (and in this case, makes you forget that there isn’t a headboard).

styling: rethink home interiors photo: ashlee hall


You can also layer two pillows on top of each other like we did here and then just add a decorative pillow standing proud:

design: rethink home interiors photo: ashlee hall


For everyday life, we like to keep the pillow thing simple because who has the energy to deal with this every day…

photo: Arlyn Hernandez


When our Real Estate Styling Evaluation clients work with us, we share this information with them and they get access to our styling library with images of many more bedrooms to guide them every step of the way.  We are already booking those appointments for people getting ready for the spring!  If you are interested in learning more about our Real Estate Styling Services or booking an appointment, this is a good place to start!

Now onto some super fun stuff…our team has created a couple of cozy bedroom moodboards and we have links to everything on the boards!  One thing that we forgot to include was….flannel sheets!  So I like thesethese, and these.  Happy shopping!



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leaf art  •  tree art  •  table lamp  •  nightstand   •  plaid bed  •  wool rug  •   throw  •  mudcloth pillow cover  •  black and ivory pillow cover  •  indigo mudcloth pillow cover


And as an added bonus, scoot yourself over to our Pinterest page to see more beautiful dressers and nightstands too!  Enjoy!



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