Let’s see if I can create 3 different white kitchens!

Wait, what?

My heart ached a little when I read a headline from someone who came back from the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show this year that white kitchens are on their way out.  They have been the most popular choice in cabinetry for over a decade and they are my favorite by far.

But, you know what, one of my favorite designers-turned-blogger who preaches timeless and classic posted a picture on Instagram of a gorgeous white kitchen and said that she had to tackle, trip over and right hook a few people out of the way to get a shot of it.  And, that, my friend, is good enough for me!

I have been in so many houses over my years in business and the most classic are always the white kitchens no matter what year they were put in…well, except for those white laminate ones from the 80’s.  Those are the mullets of white kitchens, don’t you think?

Anyway, that silly blogger went on to say how boring white kitchens are and white bathrooms too. Ummm…ok…maybe that blogger has never seen a white kitchen like this one (that I would absolutely love to have, btw!),


Or this one?

Or this one….

Now, if you have oodles of money, maybe creating the LBD of kitchens isn’t your thing and it doesn’t have to be.  But, for most of us, that’s not the case.  We typically consider doing a kitchen renovation as a once in a lifetime kind of project.  So we want to make sure that it is something that will stand the test of time.  Like this one…which I love in every way.

And, if you are getting ready to sell and feel that giving your kitchen an update is worth the return on investment, then you can’t go wrong creating a beautiful white kitchen.

Oooh I almost forgot, if you are getting ready to sell your house, wish that you could work with our team but don’t live close to Philadelphia, I’ve got a solution for you!

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One of our readers who is interested in entering the Real Estate Styling industry just took it and loved it, so for any of you who are interested in learning more about the art and science behind styling for real estate, check it out!

Ok…back to the post!  One of the things that I always appreciate, especially on my favorite blogs, is when the bloggers put together a whole look with the shopping information so, girlfriend (or boyfriend!), I’ve got your back!  I have put together not three, but four white kitchens for you!  Each one has an inspiration image below to show you how a similar mix comes together.

I hope that this jump starts your inspiration!

Barstool | Wall Color | Light | Sink | BacksplashFaucet | Knob | Perimeter Cabinetry |PullIsland Counter | Island Color | Perimeter Counters

Stool | Island Counter | Faucet | Lights | Cabinetry Color | Pull | Knob | Backsplash | Sink



Stool | Cabinetry Color | Faucet | Knob | Tile | Pull | Counters | Lights


Stool | Perimeter Cabinets | Lights | Knob | Perimeter Counters | Pull | Sink | Island Color | Countertop | Faucet | Backsplash

Have a better-than-amazing rest of your day!


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