The bathroom tile you should stop using in your flip and 10 WAY better options

 We recently had an investor buy a house just down the street from us and after months of seeing dumpsters and tradespeople come and go, I was so excited to see the listing photos ahead of the open house. Family room.   Gorgeous.  Kitchen.  Beautiful.  Master Bath.  Whaaaaaat??? Up until this point I was thrilled to […]

4 Ways To Stage A Mantle and 1 Way Not To

Focal points are HUGE when staging a room!  When you think about your online listing, you have to go BIG when it comes to accessorizing your focal points because big is what jumps off the page in those itty bitty online listing photos. One of the best focal points in many rooms–and easiest to identify–is […]

Selling faster than the Joneses

In last week’s post, I shared the story of Megan and what it cost her family to not stage their house when they first listed.  This week, I want to take a different slant on the same idea–the difference staging makes vs. your neighborhood competition.  Here’s the story of Sandy and Dan… Sandy and Dan […]

The Cost of Not Staging

This is a topic that I love and hate to think about.  I love to think about it because I am super competitive and when I stage a house in a neighborhood or on a street when there are other houses listed, I want my house to sell first because my clients chose to invest […]

The Power of The Throw Pillow

There are so many great and inexpensive ways that sellers–and anyone, really–can update the look and feel of each room in their house.  And, over the years, I have realized that there are a few key components to making a room really sing, especially in online listing photos.  I recently wrote about how to update a room […]

Boom Chicka Powder Room Make-Over

I am so excited to share this project with you!  This was a Designed to Dwell project, but could easily be used to help you with some direction to Design to Sell.  Not too long ago, I was hired by a young family to help them redecorate their postage sized powder room.  This is where […]

9 Staging Tricks You Need To Know

I’m a big fan of learning new tricks, shortcuts, etc.  I was always the kid that would read my Seventeen magazine and then recreate the outfits I saw with what was already in my closet so I didn’t have to start from scratch.  Then, I became the woman who read Martha Stewart magazine and would […]

Home Staging 101: How To Stage Your Bedroom By Making A Bed-In-A-Bag Look A-ma-zing!

As many of you know, I am somewhat obsessed with bedrooms and their design.  My love affair with Staging and decorating started in my own bedroom and it is one of my favorite rooms to transform in my client’s houses.  And, more importantly, bedrooms, especially the master bedroom can really sell a house.  Because bedding […]

DIG Presentation From Kenny’s Spirited Eatery

To the DIG Subgroup, Thank you so much for having me at your meeting last night.  It was so wonderful to get to know you.  I am super excited for all of you and your current projects.  As promised here is the download for my presentation from last night, including the exterior paint colors and my […]

Floorplan for Maria : )