My Favorite Paint Colors To Update Cabinetry

Dear Lori, I am struggling here and I would love your help.  I seem to come across a ton of dated and worn looking kitchen and bathroom cabinetry when taking on new listings.  Many times the cabinets are in good enough condition to stay, they just looks so sad and not at all what buyers […]

Industrial lighting love for under 100!

So all y’all know that I’m a timeless, classic kind of girl but I have to tell you, since going to Nashville last year and then to Portland, Oregon over the summer I have been loving the mid-century, industrial look.  I guess coming from New England, it reminds me of the towns near where I grew […]

Cutest. Powder Room. Ever!

I never worry too much about the sad state of affairs in my powder room until we get ready to host a big holiday dinner.  So this time of year definitely gets me dreaming up ways to turn that little sad sack of a space into something fabulous.  And I am working on it…!  Woot!  […]

My Favorite Brass Hardware Under $10

Photo by Ashlee Hall of PA Real Estate Photography Have I told you lately that I am completely obsessed with brass?  Aged brass to be more precise.  If I never set eyes on another faux polished brass anything for the rest of my life, I will be super content.  But aged brass is a whole […]

Updating 80’s Laminate Cabinets To Sell

Mullets and feathered hair were wicked awesome in the 80’s but thank goodness, we easily jumped off of those two train wrecks of fashion.  80’s laminate cabinets haven’t seemed so easy to shed though.  And, when you get ready to sell your house, they are a real problem. But, fear not!  Like a great new […]

Staging A Condominium To Sell

Situation:  This 2 bedroom condo has been on the market for almost a year.  They had two offers very early on that the sellers didn’t accept and then, not much happened.  The momentum slowed and the feedback that the condo, on the lower level of its building, felt like a basement kept rolling in.  Awesome, […]

How To Create A Super Dreamy Kitchen

My good friend and neighbor, Elizabeth, called me a year ago.  Her brother and his family were planning to move to the states from England and just bought a house at the end of my block. “Ohh…”, I said, “that house?” You probably know the kind.  It’s the sad one anchoring the end of a […]

Which Flooring Sells Faster?

Fact:  Hardwood floors sell houses Fact:  According to the National Association of Realtors, hardwood floors are one of the best home improvements to make for getting a good return on your investment. Fact:  Hardwood flooring can add 6% to the value of your sale price. So, now that we have established that hardwood flooring is […]

What A New Study Can Tell You About A Home Buyer’s Wish List

How cool would it be to get into the minds of you buyers before you ever list your house? What do they really want? What should you highlight in your online listing photos and description? ( I recently wrote about what buyer’s spend the most time looking at in an online listing here) What an […]

Sell Your House Faster: 1 Brilliant Way to Do It

Ok, I have shamelessly ripped off the concepts for the blog today from my favorite marketer, Seth Godin, but I hope that he will see if for the compliment that it truly is.  He writes: “There are two kinds of users/creators/customers/pundits. Some can’t understand why a product or service doesn’t catch on. They can prove […]