My Favorite Paint Colors To Update Cabinetry

Dear Lori, I am struggling here and I would love your help.  I seem to come across a ton of dated and worn looking kitchen and bathroom cabinetry when taking on new listings.  Many times the cabinets are in good enough condition to stay, they just looks so sad and not at all what buyers […]

Industrial lighting love for under 100!

So all y’all know that I’m a timeless, classic kind of girl but I have to tell you, since going to Nashville last year and then to Portland, Oregon over the summer I have been loving the mid-century, industrial look.  I guess coming from New England, it reminds me of the towns near where I grew […]

4 Tips to Style Every Room Better NOW

Do you remember the Seinfeld episode with the “close talker”? Ever been in that situation? If you have, you know how important space is to how you feel in a social situation. Did you know that the same thing applies to how you arrange your furniture? Could your sofa possibly be making a potential buyer […]

The Lighting Mystique: Crucial Staging Tips I Forgot To Mention

There are so many things that I love about staging but maybe none more than lighting.  I’m somewhat obsessed with using pretty lamps as gorgeous focal points but also the way that lighting makes you feel.  So for me, lighting goes way beyond just functionality but is also the key to setting a mood. And, in staging, lighting […]

How To Create A Super Dreamy Kitchen

My good friend and neighbor, Elizabeth, called me a year ago.  Her brother and his family were planning to move to the states from England and just bought a house at the end of my block. “Ohh…”, I said, “that house?” You probably know the kind.  It’s the sad one anchoring the end of a […]

5 Costly Mistakes Made By Untrained Home Stagers

  Selling a house is never easy but today’s market is a total beast!  And, honestly, I think that I’m being kind about that.  The main criteria for selling real estate have always been location, size, and price.  But today, you also can’t overlook your property’s swagger—presentation and condition. Today, more than 90% of buyers […]

Which Flooring Sells Faster?

Fact:  Hardwood floors sell houses Fact:  According to the National Association of Realtors, hardwood floors are one of the best home improvements to make for getting a good return on your investment. Fact:  Hardwood flooring can add 6% to the value of your sale price. So, now that we have established that hardwood flooring is […]

What A New Study Can Tell You About A Home Buyer’s Wish List

How cool would it be to get into the minds of you buyers before you ever list your house? What do they really want? What should you highlight in your online listing photos and description? ( I recently wrote about what buyer’s spend the most time looking at in an online listing here) What an […]

10 Ways To Add Curb Appeal

A big thank you for this blog post goes to Paul Benjamin of EZ Storage, a company providing storage solutions to the Philadelphia area for over 40 years. In his spare time Paul likes to shoot targets and go camping with his grand kids. Learn more about EZ Storage at: Boosting your home’s curb appeal is one […]

Buyers’ Most Loved Real Estate Photo

My mom is my biggest fan.  She seriously thinks that everything I do, well almost everything I do, is great.  I know, I’m lucky, right?  But, to this day, she has one standard that she insists that I adhere to in her presence. I always thought it was rooted in vanity, but as I grow […]