My Powder Room Before And After

Aaaahh!  The big powder room makeover reveal!  As busy as the past few weeks have been getting this project completed, it has been so great getting to enjoy the new view into the powder room as I come down my stairs each morning.  To catch you up, this is where we started. Here are a […]

My Powder Room Renovation!

Things have been b-to-the-izzay here at the Fischer house!!  After living in our house for 13 years with a beyond sub-standard powder room, we have finally started the powder room renovation and I am super excited to share the process with you so that you can learn how to rock your own powder room renovation! […]

My Favorite Paint Colors To Update Cabinetry

Dear Lori, I am struggling here and I would love your help.  I seem to come across a ton of dated and worn looking kitchen and bathroom cabinetry when taking on new listings.  Many times the cabinets are in good enough condition to stay, they just looks so sad and not at all what buyers […]

Cozy Winter Bedroom Guide

I officially broke out our flannel sheets this month and let me tell you, it is divine!  My sister says that I am one nap away from being a narcoleptic and these flannel sheets just might throw me over the edge to being a full-on, napaholic! I know that not everyone across the country gets […]

Cutest. Powder Room. Ever!

I never worry too much about the sad state of affairs in my powder room until we get ready to host a big holiday dinner.  So this time of year definitely gets me dreaming up ways to turn that little sad sack of a space into something fabulous.  And I am working on it…!  Woot!  […]

Creating a Multi-functional Office

Recently, my intern, Emma, and I were asked by a lovely client to help her turn her family room into an office that could still function as a guest room when needed.  Here is where we started: This was a straight redecorating project.  We weren’t painting or adding any new architectural elements.  We needed to create […]

How To Create A Super Dreamy Kitchen

My good friend and neighbor, Elizabeth, called me a year ago.  Her brother and his family were planning to move to the states from England and just bought a house at the end of my block. “Ohh…”, I said, “that house?” You probably know the kind.  It’s the sad one anchoring the end of a […]

How To Create Flow From The Start

As many of you know, I have started doing Staging work with sellers from around the country which has been a fabulous experience! In a new twist on that old theme, I recently had a chance to have a Design Consultation with a lovely client from a few states away who just bought her first […]

How To Organize Your House To Stage

When you are getting ready to sell, you no longer have complete privacy.   Buyers will be snooping in every nook and cranny of your house.  And, it is amazing what buyers will assume based on the way you keep your closets and cupboards! You want to sell quickly and for the most money possible so […]

5 Ways To Stage Your Bedroom Beautifully

I am pretty addicted to anything design and home decor related but for some reason, I really adore bedrooms–maybe because of my past obsession with my childhood bedroom?  Either way, your master bedroom needs to be especially beautiful and fresh feeling when you get ready to sell.  Using this bedroom from Studio Ten 25, here […]